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author raven Lamoreaux dodd

At the tender age of 16, having graduated from Convent of the Sacred Heart, Raven felt that Montreal, Canada, had prepared her for the world! The story of her subsequent travels draws us into her tapestry of personal transformation as she transports us from the United States to Europe and from New Zealand to Egypt. She met her husband, Phil, in the U.K., and they currently live in Bonita Springs, Florida.

With a background as a personal coach, ceremonialist and writer, Raven is now an editor/proofreader and loves the challenge of helping authors discover and maximize their voices. For information about editing and proofreading, click on RavenDodd.com.


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"Dancing between the spirit world and earth, Raven weaves a spellbinding tale of a life well lived." Margot Osborne, ABWA Neapolitan

On the Wings of Hibou reveals the fascinating journey of a young woman finding and testing her spirituality over 27 years. The compelling opening pages kick off a great read that carries you through Cynthia’s transformation into Raven Eyes and beyond. Along the way she draws upon empowered cultures -- American Indian, Egyptian, even the New York Mafia. Written with vitality and vivid detail, Hibou inspires through the author’s continuing quest.” Ann Tretter

On the Wings of Hibou is as exotic a personal journey as one could read. Raven Lamoreux-Dodd’s life and memoir are filled with fascinating paradoxes; at various times she’s a naïve sophisticate, rebellious spiritualist and grounded dream-weaver. As we follow her on her journey through various passages to rites of passage, we learn that she’s never really alone. Step onto and into the Wings of Hibou and enjoy the ride.” Candace Brand Kaspers, Ph.D.

“While proofreading, On the Wings of Hibou, I kept being drawn into the story. The book is engaging, engrossing, and I can hardly wait for it to be printed so I can purchase copies for several friends.” Reverend Teddy A. Plaisted

“Having traveled to Egypt just a year ago I was quite impressed with Raven’s unbridled sense of adventure and self-awareness. Her intuitive ability to maneuver alone through this male-dominated society and befriend just the right open-minded male guide - is Raven at her very best! This passage makes her trip to the ancient City of Cairo unforgettable to all.” Toni Bessner

“Upon reading On the Wings of Hibou, I found Raven's lucid and colorful descriptions of her fantastic and varied life experiences totally absorbing and her heart-opening revelations so beautiful, I could not put this book down. A magnificent memoir!” Kathryn Deas

“Raven! I can not wait to finish your book. I was hooked after the first few lines. You have an awesome gift of writing. I can already tell you that I will be looking for your next book. You are talking to someone who IS NOT a reader! So this should tell you something!” Linda Hall

“I wanted to let you know that I finished your book yesterday and that I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel now that I know you better. I will most likely go back and re-read some chapters. So, congratulations on your decision to write it, and I wish you the best of luck with it!“ Ingrid B. Kaczmarek, RCC

 “I just have to write and let you know how much I am enjoying your book,On the Wings of Hibou. I love the format with short chapters, dialog to put me right there in the room with you and the wonderful inspirational quotes that start each chapter. Your description of the Sacred Moose made me feel him as if he had come to ME! There is such wisdom on every page for those who have the "ears to hear and the eyes to see". What really spoke to me like a shock between my eyes was the comment Jim, your mentor made that you (explain too much and it takes your power away) I am so prone to that....will grow up now...Thank you for sharing yourself with the big SELF. You were born to teach us the Light! What a great FIRST!!!!” Daryl E. Salerno

Raven Lamoreux-Dodd has written an exciting account of her spiritual adventures that spans over 27 years of her life, and is framed within an exciting International setting. Follow Raven as she travels through New York, England, New Zealand, and Egypt teaching and learning through the Shamanic tradition with a cast of spiritual Allies, magnificent animal Guides, and kindly earth Angels.On the Wings of Hibou has re-awakened my own inner Adventure Goddess! Raven's fearless and amused perspective reminds us that while the world is our second home, our connection to the Divine is our first. Namaste. Joan Cannon

“Raven has written a most excellent & interesting book sharing her life journey. It enlightened me & taught me much about spirituality. Additionally, she has influenced my creativity by teaching me how to make beautiful jewelry. Raven is an amazing spirit that brightens the lives of everyone she encounters.” Angie Basile

Raven is one of the most creative, original, open-minded and open-hearted individuals I have ever had the pleasure to call a colleague and a friend. There is always something important to learn from the stories of Raven's extraordinary life.” Ruth Gordon

On the Wings of Hibou is an eye-opening chronicle of Raven’s journey. Vivid personal language transports you into her mind, allowing you to feel her feelings and imagine the sights and smells of her diverse life-changing experiences. Although my religious perspective is quite different from hers, I appreciate Raven’s descriptive presentation of her spiritual outlooks and activities and deeply enjoyed the opportunity to learn about cultures, challenges and growth in her life. Jessica Macera, ABWA Neapolitan

 “I didn’t want it to end. Each night as I crawled in to bed I looked forward to reading Raven’s new book, On the Wings of Hibou. She took me to places I have been and I have yet to travel. Every time I picked up the book and opened a new page, it was like joining her on a journey of discovery, both hers and mine. There were times that I could relate and a smile appeared on my face. Other times, I longed to be with her on her journey or to hold her hand and let her know I was there, even if I wasn’t really there, to comfort her.

"On the Wings of Hibou is the story of one woman’s journey through life and the lessons she has learned along the way. She writes with an easy flowing style that invites the reader to join her. Often, I could hear her voice telling me the story. Any writers dream I might add!  If you are ready to embark upon a mystical, magical journey, I invite you to join Raven in the pages of On the Wings of Hibou. You will not be disappointed. I am looking forward to her next book. Raven, keep writing. With love, light and hope on your journey of self-discovery.” Trina Hayes

"Warning......once you start, you cannot put it down!" Marie Blaze Barnett